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endlich gibs informationen ^^

- gameplay-video =

- informationen von leuten die es angespielt haben =

- offizielle seite (preview) =

Jup, sieht sehr gut aus bis jetzt.

Da steht alles Wichtige drin:

Betreffend Multiplayer und Bnet:

--- Quote ---Q: What are some of the changes made to multiplayer Heart of the Swarm?

A: While we're not quite ready to go into detail about the new multiplayer content in Heart of the Swarm, we can say that this expansion set will include new units and new maps. We'll have more details about multiplayer Heart of the Swarm content at BlizzCon.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Q: You guys said that you wanted to keep the unit pool small in a lot of interviews, how many units would you expect to add in the multiplayer, and how many would you expect to remove in order to keep the player experience good?

A: We have no idea how many we can add before it starts to feel watered down, we're starting to push Brood War unit numbers, every time we try to make a move we find that it's tough to keep the units and race abilities separate. We can easily add on, and tune and tweak, or in combination until we find the right mix for multiplayer.

For example, the Overseer is not a cool unit, it's basically a glorfied scout at this point. We're looking at either taking out or replacing these units that aren't as cool. The other thing that we need to watch out is how these units interact in combination.

We're starting to reach the number of units where the right answer isn't necessarily more; it doesn't mean that we can't get more, but how will we even know?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Q: What changes will come to with Heart of the Swarm?

A: As far as improvements, one primary focus will be on getting the StarCraft Marketplace up and running at some point around the launch of Heart of the Swarm. The maps and mods community in StarCraft II has published tens of thousands of custom maps using the StarCraft II editor. Our goal with the new Marketplace design will be in upgrading the custom map UI to better showcase the wide variety of great new maps and mods to players who are looking for fun new gaming experiences. We want players to be able to more easily find, rate, and sort through all the great custom maps that have been created.

The Marketplace will also eventually include a commerce element that will allow mapmakers to charge a fee for their work. While there will always be a wealth of free content, we believe that allowing content creators to profit from their work will foster an environment for more complex and higher-quality custom maps. Our ultimate hope is that the StarCraft Marketplace will function and thrive in a similar manner as mobile "app-stores" -- tons of free and premium content for players, and a limitless source of entertainment through StarCraft II and
--- End quote ---

#1 neue units und alte raus ... bin ich noch skeptisch

#2 hab ich das richtig verstanden(?!), dass maps und zusatzcontent verkauft und gekauft werden kann
iwie find ich das ja kacke, sollte man custommaps kaufen müssen um sie zu spielen o0

Gibt schon ein paar superlangweilige Units die sie gerne austauschen können.

Meine Top3:
- Corrupter (Total langweilig und schlecht designt. Wieviele Spiele ich schon verloren habe weil ich n paar zuviel gemacht hab)
- Overseer (Boooring. Ausserdem soooo leicht zu snipen, das ist echt lächerlich)
- Colossus (Langweilige Unit. Wird aber wohl drin bleiben)


Wenn du dir mal den Editor anschaust dann siehst du erst wieviel Arbeit teilweise in den Custom Maps drin steckt. Sobald du irgendwelche Units veränderst, neue Fähigkeiten etc geben willst musst du dich mit dem Data Editor befassen und der ist WIRKLICH komplex. Ich persönlich würde mir zwar keine Custom Maps kaufen, aber ich würde eine entsprechende Einführung durchaus verstehen.


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